The most transformative leaders start as students granted a stage. This is yours.

Honor Scholars

Intensify your studies among disciplines to understand the world’s most difficult and pressing issues. Honor scholars – who may come from any major – are regarded for their insatiable curiosity and continuous drive for excellence in the liberal arts.

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Media Fellows

Immerse yourself in the evolving world of the media through hands-on studio experience, coveted off-campus internships and a robust speaker series that brings students face-to-face with field professionals.

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Management Fellows

Develop concentrated business experience and entrepreneurial knowledge through a focused liberal arts education, business internships and relevant real-world experience. Management fellows graduates become successful leaders at some of the world’s top public, private and nonprofit enterprises.

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Environmental Fellows

Approach the environment from a multidisciplinary perspective through a variety of keystone classes, cocurricular activities and hands-on practicum. Environmental fellows – who may come from any major – are problem-solvers who address urgent matters facing this generation, such as diminishing biodiversity, pollution, climate change and social justice.

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Science Research Fellows

Get significant hands-on research experience and faculty mentorship in the natural sciences. Through an intensive four-year program, science research fellows are prepared for top positions in postgraduate study and a wide variety of careers in science.

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Global Studies Fellows

Add global perspective with cutting-edge curriculum, aligned cocurricular educational experiences, and student leadership opportunities. Global studies fellows - who come from any major - will develop the knowledge and cross-cultural skills needed for advanced intellectual engagement with critical 21st-century global issues.

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