Broaden Your Intellectual Horizons.

Learn more about yourself, the world, and its breadth of possibilities through the learning of new customs and cultures, site exploration, fieldwork and a variety of experiential courses.

Where Students Go

Students may choose from a wide-range of off-campus programs in over 45 countries, including summer and semester-long study abroad, Winter Term in Service, and Honor Scholar and Fellows’ internship and practicum experiences. Take a literary journey through Vietnam, study multiculturalism in Moorish Spain or travel down the Silk Road in China. We take special care to match students to programs that meet their unique academic goals and cultural interests. Foreign language study is available at all levels of language proficiency.

What They Explore

Every off-campus program and location is different. It may involve independent field study, foreign university courses, internships, service projects or personal development opportunities. Students learn about local cultures, languages and common practices as they connect with people in a new setting. They become more aware of the world’s varied predicaments related to the environment, economy, resources, health and ideology, and the need to search for shared solutions. Students often return to campus with a better understanding of their career aspirations and where they hope to make a difference. 

Types of Study

Winter or May Term

Winter Term and May Term offer the opportunity to study at home or abroad for a 3-4 week term, focused on a particular academic topic. Faculty leaders partner with global initiatives to invite students to engage in service-learning. Teams immerse themselves in the culture of their host communities and work alongside local people to provide much-needed construction projects, medical clinics, public health education and more. Students often describe their Winter Term experience as the most profound event of their four years at DePauw.

Faculty-Led Extended Studies Programs

Faculty-led Extended Studies programs creatively integrate the history, arts, culture and current events of a region, enabling students to witness firsthand how the past impacts the present and future. Programs are designed to facilitate diverse cultural experiences and foreign language integration. Students may choose between Winter Term or May Term programs and earn 0.5 credits towards graduation.

Semester-Long Programs 

Students can dive deep into a new land and culture through a semester-long study abroad program. Extended study off campus is a great opportunity for full cultural immersion, the gaining of new perspectives and the discovery of new passions. There are programs in over 45 countries, complementing every major of study. Current Programs

Summer Programs: Servicio en Las Americas

Servicio en las Américas allows first-year students interested in social justice, the Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American cultures the opportunity to immerse themselves in a five-week intensive summer program on DePauw’s campus and in an international setting prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Professional Benefits

Students who study off campus earn approximately $7,000 more a year in their jobs than the national average. They gain valuable interpersonal skills, leadership experience and knowledge of foreign markets that employers seek to expand globally. Field research can result in tangible work products that add value to a portfolio. Service-learning or service-internships connect students to NGO’s where meaningful connections are made. 

Close to 90% of 亚洲麻豆精品students graduate with credit from an off-campus experience. Students from every major may apply to study abroad through the Hubbard Center for Student Engagement. 亚洲麻豆精品provides ongoing financial counseling resources and study abroad support so students can make the most of every opportunity to take their studies overseas.

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