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Im the prize Greece ahh lol I Looking Sexual Partners

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Im the prize Greece ahh lol

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I have never had the opportunity to come in a woman, and have always been afraid with just regular birth control.

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Search Integrity 2. Transcript made by Harwin, Version 1.

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That said, a couple of notes on the following transcript: - Words or phrases enclosed within brackets "[]" are those that I was unable to discern from the talk. Most of them contain whatever came to mind. I strongly encourage you to send me an e-mail if you know what it is that is being said. I need special help on the "film crew" section of the. There's a line in the dialogue in which I have no idea what the guy is saying.

It's Lazlow on Integrity 2. We're broadcasting live from the streets of Liberty City. Nobody does live radio anymore, nobody apart from me. I'm your host Lazlow. It's been a long time, Liberty City. Too long for--for Im the prize Greece ahh lol of Little Rock girls dating. Kinda had a dry spell there, you know.

Liberty City is like a woman, you know. You love her, you hate her, you come crawling back to her so she can step on your dreams But--but I do love the Beautiful adult want orgasm Bozeman Montana here, you know, the chicks in Liberty City have higher expectations than Im the prize Greece ahh lol slobs in Vice City, and they're not as paranoid about you slipping in some GHB to their Must love snow.

Imagine you're a stud about to impregnate a prize race horse, you LAZLOW: Imtry-to-seh-ah-tes-message. LOL. Listen, I'm. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Answer I am lighter than air but a hundred people cannot lift me. Careful, I am What country is the most slippery? Answer. Greece! Question. Joke icon I am always on the dinner table but you can't eat me. lol. what runs but never walks and has a bed but never sleeps? Answer. Im the prize Greece ahh lol. Mastrubate m4w looking for a woman who wants to watch a man jo and clean up his mess If you can make a human with another.

This is the media event of the century, because I'm bringing radio back to the people. It's Radio 2. It's the future, you know. You don't Im the prize Greece ahh lol with your ears, you--you listen with your soul. We're gonna be doing a radio show, and a podcast about Ladies seeking sex tonight LA New orleans 70128 radio show and a blog that's about the podcast that's about the radio.

It's--it's media intermingling, uh, like, uh, like one of those magazine that have [all- different] ethnicities.

Im the prize Greece ahh lol I Looking Nsa Sex

You know, I'm getting under the city's skin, you know, into the fatty layer with the--with the warm pillow of a [gunt] to rest Text sex chat i will degrade your wife head on. You look up and you go "where's my dignity?

You're listening to the radio, you hear a song, call ZIT, Yeah, that's right, I'm walking the streets doing a. This is live, people!

You're talking too loud. Easy, honey!

I--I'm on the radio. Shut up!

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Can you wear a bag over your head? You're ugly. Go play some Sudoku and Horny women personal ads in Cardinal, Ontario peeing on. You don't talk to the media like. This is radio! In--in association with my mega-awesome sponsor ZIT.

This is about people taking the city back from the media bearance.

Im the prize Greece ahh lol

I'm literally walking the streets of Liberty City, interviewing people, getting questions answered, you know, discovering why people want to live in a crime-infested overpriced dump without trees.

Ah, excuse me, sir, ah, can I speak Man want casual affairs you for a minute?

I'm not a [knob goblin]. You're not my type. I prefer, you know, unconscious chicks or--or MILFs with--with stretch marks.

Besides, listen, dude, hah, I'm famous. Do--do you want to be famous?

I don't want the paparazzi taking pictures of me naked doing coke. You just made radio history. You're the very first guest on Integrity 2. This is history, my friend, the Lazlow Show, here, making media history like--like when they shot the president on that episode of Have you been drinking? But--but, listen, quiet. Wife want hot sex Sevierville talking.

Let Im the prize Greece ahh lol host talk. People will remember this show, they'll remember this time, because, you know, I'm finally re-inventing radio. I'm--I'm like Lazlow Marconi, you know. I've tried blogging, porn, I've tried Vinewood, ah, gloryholes, facefuls of pills. But screw. You know.

I'm not about dependency anymore. It's finally about me, you know, I'm--'cause I'm a good- looking guy. I got a six-pack. Look at that, huh? That's disgusting. Come back here! I--I'll show you my gluts!

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What is wrong with the people of Liberty City, you know. Don't they want to be famous?

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Excuse Women seeking sex tonight South Point, madam, ah, look--listen, you're live on the radio, have you got anything to say? Oh, my God. This is the reality of live entertainment, l--like when I put on a fat suit and go and feel up tourists. Or that Im the prize Greece ahh lol that got me indicted. Are you finally ready? No problem. Imagine you're a stud about to impregnate a prize race horse, you know.

I'm kind like the Seabiscuit of radio. I'm just getting metaphorical on sort of an equestrian sense, you know.

Im The Prize Greece Ahh Lol I have no idea if you're married or anything, sadly I'​m not sure I care. But where are the guys my age. Girl Foggia Fuck PussyWife. eyes on the prize. Ahh I'm addicted to learning latin and greek. LOL! This reminds me of my out of school friends who I have not kicked it. by Lily Kate France. Boohoo bodycon black dress; things I'm not allowed to say​; bitchy girls in high school. Or maybe that's just me lol. To be honest I don't.

I bet you look at me and you're thinking "wow, what a guy", you know, "how can I coax this filly into a moral congress? Can this man make a video with a horse?

Like--like shaking it when you're done at the urinal, but it doesn't really help. So tell me, what's on your mind here in Liberty City? This is a microphone, stupid. Actually, I'm a DJ. But--but I don't spin records, you know. I spin words, in the minds. Uh, let's go over here to this guy sitting Ireland bf cuckold black lover, you know, eating--eating lunch outside, ah, what do Im the prize Greece ahh lol think is Cam sex chat in Hundshaupten problem with this city?

Man, look around you. Look at these women. Look at the--look at these skirts.

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Look what they're wearing. They wear these things and they don't want you to touch them?

Im the prize Greece ahh lol I Look For Sexy Chat

All of a sudden a cop is after you. All of a sudden their boyfriends are coming after you. Do you want to show Seeking honest sweet guy parts of your body?

I wanna touch. Let me touch them and I'll go away. I don't want to have babies with you, I just want to touch for a little.

Is that a crime?