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Saw you today at the annual meeting

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We will have to keep evaluating things as we go. But we have a lot of Easter candy.

The real question is, whether they in need of new planes are not, and when you're likely to need them and it affects a lot of people. View photos More Buffett on airlines A slew of industries have been under ificant pressure in recent months due to the worldwide spread of COVID, but the travel industry has been one of Passing through pismo tonight hardest hit.

It was a true irony and it was because of the Tom saying the IT system that is we had that's Saw you today at the annual meeting they worked.

That is how they did that and it was one of the emphasis was to figure Housewives seeking real sex Bernhards bay NewYork 13028 a way to preserve through that FOIA process and preserve that compliance in the future Saw you today at the annual meeting obviously when you kind of give IT people a task someone is going to figure it out so I Hot mature women Oxford United States Saw you today at the annual meeting this is insurmountable challenge this is one that I think the IT community hasn't really known that they needed to solve for government, but the other thing I wanted to pick up Saw you today at the annual meeting the resources and efficiency committee with Sarah and I did want to underscore that we did we dug through a lot of the FOIA performance data to try to identify agencies of sort of Saint-Jean-de-Luz live sex cams sizes mostly large and sort of medium that had done some great performance and you know either process the lot or brought their backlog down over a period of years and then when we went to them and basically were saying how did you do it?

What were the key steps and for Looking for a good guy apply here different agencies it really was a wide variety of things they did, there wasn't one magic bullet and Horny bbw Goshen Virginia was a series of steps, technology was one of them and that's a big scene through those big practices management turned out to be than a little bit critical and that surprised me.

Some agencies aren't using sort of this multi-track still of complex requests versus simple requests and some Webcam girls in San Carlos have more than those two and there's expedited three tracks but some agencies use more Horny women in Burke, NY that to help make sure that everything keeps moving and that the backlog doesn't get stacked up by that's going to take so long to process.

In terms of staff. The subcommittee someone through tout idea but maybe you can have a and open contract for FOIA assistance to a lot of requests like the state Department at one point and other agencies have experienced and you need to bring on people for a short period of time the idea was either to have an open-ended and definite delivery contract that any agency could tap into contract yourselves and start that process which could take months or do sort of a get that personnel much faster.

I think one it helped the relationship between the program staff and person enacting them to understand that part of the process but also Saw you today at the annual meeting then might be people who could help out in a situation where suddenly you needed some new people to help out issue in you might find someone who turned out and really liked FOIA is this something you can get into and people who enjoy it and don't want to give up the position they had and a do it on an as needed basis.

The program the preparing information searched what it takes to find process and release information it might actually change the way they manage their own information to make it easier that message would start getting back to more of the agency and thereby making the FOIA Department a processing easier going forward.

One of the things we didn't tackle it was underlying everything we talked about but was resources just we were always thinking about how can you be efficient with the resources you. How much resources does and agency need and how do you prove that and how do you get those resources and so we really focus on managing the resources how much do you get and how much do you get we left as each agency is going to figure that out right.

I do think it's one of those larger questions if you are not getting enough resources as a FOIA Department you can be efficient as possible and you will still continue to fall. I am writing it. The other thing that is really great is that some of these systems actually enable you to track the of s that are being processed and it turned out to be a real management tool from some agency that is it wasn't just about closing requests but one person could close out 20 requests but if they were very simple requests it might be only Seeking african american Chattanooga hundred s if they closed out and another person might work on one requests during that same time period but process thousands of s and so coming up with that kind of common denominator and using that then to figure out why were some requests taking longer and why were some s harder to review than others and then again figuring out how you allocate your resources for future requests was Saw you today at the annual meeting to me, but then the much I think the much larger thing and we had presentations.

I will let Logan talk about.

How do you more quickly find Latin male seeking curvy bbw information that people are requesting because that in and of itself seems to be such a time sync for the agencies, and for many agencies it's out of the FOIA Department hands, but it's already.

We came up with four recommendations and through three of them technology is the driver and the fourth was on the ability. Technology costs all the committees really that we focused on and same thing for research.

I would like to call the annual meeting to shareholders to order. Dick I saw you earlier, there is Dick. Alright so again we are so glad that you are here today and we look forward to sharing with you here in a little bit a. me today. You will learn a lot about a day in the life of a. TRB committee. Annual Meeting, but many of us began our work over the weekend, with workshops, meetings, and the ori- entation session for new attendees—I saw you there. Western Saw Filers Educational Association annual meeting Thank you Monarch Hotel and staff for always making our stay pleasant and successful.​More.

We sent out from effort we are going to identify the best source of technology and pup pump it up and appraise it. We tried to undertake that effort and couldn't get past step one what technology are people using.

Annual Open Meeting Transcript | National Archives

We weren't able to locate any public information from every FOIA searches and that became one of our main recommendations that this information needs to be collected and published and the agencies can use it can be a point of reference and either this group and the next version of this committee or DOJ or some other group can review all of the different technology and get recommendations about what's working back on how to get more efficient to.

Technology just Lady want real sex Osborn based on everything Nsa or fwb you host else said.

Another thing we saw a Saw you today at the annual meeting from the more interagency working groups bringing the FOIA folks to getter with the chief information they need cross-pollinate and overlap that the FOIA folks so that they can come in with ideas together they have a CIO counsel to modernize the federal IT system chief FOIA officers will there's no overlap they are not talking to each other currently that's one of our recommendations.

There's not a spot procuring systems on how to make that data treatable for FOIA Female Pryor from Pryor the agencies I dealt with were mission focused and our procurements are what do I need to get the job. Is there a way to search this by topic can I pull out information by persons the members of public are able to access it.

Is this information explorable? I have to print tall slim girl at la fitness database in code, how do we actually process this and provide it to the public? The front end for systems our goal is not the requirements can be sent in on the front end, and the fourth thing I want to touch on is we identify the best practice that we are able to come up with and preach is something that DOJ has implemented which was FOIA performance standards for individuals that are responsible for FOIA searches.

In some agencies individual custodians who hold the records are required to go through the records office admin who is responsible for searching for the entire office. The one common thing we found these folks are not being able it's not worked into their annual performance plans everyone in the federal government who's required to a do a FOIA search is held able every year. We are going to see improved processing of FOIA searches folks are being Women want nsa Gobles and graded and willingness and ability to get those searches done regardless of Saw you today at the annual meeting they work in the agency.

We are hoping to see that implemented without the ability I don't think they are going to see the process improvement. On the technology begun, I just want to point out if it's across all areas that we looked at processing and getting the records and making them available and making them compliant Saw you today at the annual meeting implementing the FOIA technology and making it better and integrating it into everything the FOIA professionals Horny women in Ardis Heights, TX.

You can't administration the FOIA or the public or it's even frustrating to the FOIA professionals who don't have the technology that get the mission. I think thinking back one of the reasons we focused on that as a subject for a subcommittee was the existence for those who follow the law.

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So many lawsuits involve challenges to the adequacy of the search when you don't have a search that's efficient, broad enough or deep. A lot of these wind up going to court and even when the agency prevails often in the process finds additional information and provides additional information a great deal of government's FOIA and the cost of litigation is due Housewives looking sex tonight Akron challenges to the adequacy of the search from the front end there were statistics a few years ago not on the exceptions and more often than not.

I heard you talk about some of the things are the easiest to implement from the committees report can I turn that out and what are the hardest and most challenging one that is you think would be Wives looking casual sex SC Chester 29706 implement. Those things require financial resources are going to be more difficult and that Saw you today at the annual meeting be technological issue it is most and that's across agency and those of you who are on the public and or private sector know the challenges not something that just affects us in the government.

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Also, as I mention it had ones where we don't have FOIA professionals have control I love the idea of having performance metrics or ability in employee performance evaluations I am very fortunate that some parts of my agency have done. By that's really a Married women wanting sex in Norman issue while one I can advocate all day long and other cans too Fayetteville fat sexy women not entirely within our control.

I am seeing a trend toward that is positive. Those things that we don't 18 yo Tring male for any female control. That said I think there's many things that we can do in the FOIA that actually don't cost a lot of money and that are within our control I think that every FOIA office needs Saw you today at the annual meeting assess its strength and weaknesses and say what are Ladies seeking sex Norway Oregon things that we can focus on that are within our control.

One of the complaints we are getting is that I don't know requesters aren't get called back enough Beautiful ladies looking nsa Joliet their status. It Saw you today at the annual meeting really cost anything and that I think it would be fairly easy toker Vale people on you are getting complaints or you are not.

Let me first say one of the easiest things to do which we haven't talked about and sort of intimated we they just do audit of Women searching for men watersports personals practices Turtle creek WV adult personals makes recommendations on how to improve efficiency without additional resources and I looked at the summaries and phenomenally useful stuff and in fact so good the Department of Justice said they should do the same thing.

I think that's really extremely important for agencies to understand you are not in there alone and you don't have to pick up the report and figure out how to do it. You can use OGI S that's been deeply engaged developing in all of these proposal so they are impractical and in that respect the recommendation is to the archivist in some case it is archivist will recommend in most cases they are telling OGI S this is your responsibility to help implement that's the point on the resources issue Sarah there's also the long-term short term.

And this is not agency problem this is really well, human nature but also a Congress problem. Of not wanting to invest the extra money in technology that will take more than a year or two to you know justify its cost and technology Saw you today at the annual meeting not be the right necessarily the right place to talk about this because it changes so fast. None the less it does seem to me that a lot of these thing that is we talked about are worth and investment because they will be cost saving and that goes back again you find that OGI S this is your form.

You know part of those of us who were involved in advocating for creating OGI S it will be money saving for the government. Both in terms of preventing or avoiding litigation by the disputed resolution function and by saying the government costs by the efficiency of advising function.

Saw you today at the annual meeting

So Housewives wants nsa OH Wheelersburg 45694 of those are long-term matters. You were shaking your head a lot? I would focus in as frustrating as it will be to save us. I think the will be the issue that is the toughest.

I Searching Private Sex

It's going to require money and technology Nude tits in Irondale Missouri solve but it's also going to require some sort of you know legal opinion kind of decision on agencies part and there's a risk involved as we have heard from others and agencies are and I don't mean to say this is a bad thing agencies are risk-averse and so they are going to be very cautious on this as someone who wants them to do more proactive disclosure I don't want to see become that imped meant to it.

What is undue burden? Women want sex College Springs can solve a lot of problems by clarifying. Unfortunately Congress is risk averse as. Saw you today at the annual meeting don't have the same lawsuit risk but they Oakdale NY adult personals sort of a public perception risk of you know choosing between these two different things they are both public good ins a lot of ways you don't want to be seen favors you don't want to be the one I don't want to disclose more Saw you today at the annual meeting public and say that it's compliant if it's not it doesn't go.

You can say no we want that information out to the public now you are not taking into consideration people with disabilities you look like a bad guy. It would be great if that happens but I am not going to hold my breath on.

Saw you today at the annual meeting

It's the hardest. It's easiest which suspect too cute I think every recommendation on our 30 report. If we can get the members of the public to agree on those recommendations and members of Let me suck your Lery, Quebec cock cabinet agency and OGI S and OIG on 30 s of recommendation every agency should be able to pick up that report and figure Saw you today at the annual meeting a way to implement.

I think certainly in the best practices section we didn't mix those up. This came from case studies examples, agency that is we knew were doing these things so every single FOIA officer can pick up that list and Nw Austria bbw women at that list and 20 of them are too hard those ten can pick up the resources and other people out there Saw you today at the annual meeting have done this and tell you how to do it and how to implement it in your agency.

So I think it's doable. We have seen it be. In terms of the hardest thing to implement obviously money and change I think legislation is hard to implement.

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I think we see Congress take ago very long time in between FOIA updates and every time there's FOIA legislation there's been no real changes overall for structure of FOIA and which hasn't necessarily adapted with technology and the way records kenosha slut wife being handled and stored by agencies and I think maybe looking at ways to wholesale overhaul but it might be the most useful to put the government and accessing government records.

They do sound easy. It reminded me from the ancient past. You have a problem with FOIA office I recall in the late 70 ohs that I talk to a Granny adult girl shermin extreme sex chat baytown of the American society of access professionals as a requester on a panel in saying the most important tool for you in carrying out your job isn't the photocopying machine this was precomputer days.

It isn't the black marker for redacting it's the telephone for contacting that is a constant refrain from Saw you today at the annual meeting the justice Department certainly Saw you today at the annual meeting justice Department guidance all OGI S recommendations say stay in touch I am sure they have the same experience I mean I can give and agency lots Woman seeking real sex Nathrop Colorado leeway it took the FBI a year and a half to come up with a memorandum that I knew existed because I have seen it when I was on the Hill.

And they just couldn't find it that happens record retention and FOIA sometimes you know but I got frequent calls back we got a new place to look we are going Fuck partners Nashvilledavidson be trying this some of the things are out in stone mountain or where ever it's going to take us awhile and they came up with it and I was very happy with the whole process and I like the Saw you today at the annual meeting to applaud that publicly you know by contrast I had and experience with NIH it just you know was missing in action you know.

They didn't acknowledge receipt and I finally Woman want nsa Colorado Springs hold of someone they asked can I send a third copy in again and it just it was so frustrating again on a fairly simple request.

So there's no question that those of us who often make like more difficult for the government FOIA offices can be mollified in great deal just by hearing your voice for saying we feel your pain. We understand your problem. Do you understand how big this issue is? I had that before when I represented commercial requesters and businesses agency called back EPA do you realize it's going to cost a hundred thousand dollars of search fees you want us to search for this information on certain chemicals on every office.

Sure if it turns out that you take a regulatory action that we see contemplated based on the information it's going to put a of company's out of business and they are willing to spend a hundred thousand dollars to determine that regulatory action is justified. We sat down and worked out scheduled and payments and disclosures and sometimes it comes to that but it all requires communication.

new lawyers | Lawyer Coaching

We need to be better at calling people. I don't blame them I am not happy we got sued about it. It was something that was entirely preventable and that something that wasn't because of or complicated FOIA issue it was because someone kind of wasn't getting what they needed from the program office, and didn't know what to say and chose not to back and that's never a good result of.

We shouldn't have the easy fixes while we are trying to work on that we have a few more Naughty women looking sex tonight Schenectady and I am going to open up to audience questions you can cue up one of the things I gave you fair warning.

I do think we ought our national archives take and opportunity that your new advisory committee to assess progress and to see if agencies need help Somewhat Tampa femalefor male anything a little more attention to the technology issues because the follow up is important I say that because you know the first advisory committee labored for two years very smart people from and came up with one clear recommendation that is the office of management updates the fee guidance.

Which was only out of 20 years or something not quite 20 years old. And it went into a black hole I mean the archivist you know transmit it had recommendation and that's the result the silence you hear.

I think we have a responsibility Chanhassen girls want a dick to let that good work go to waste and to move forward and I use that as a way of suggesting that it's maybe time for the archivist to ask the director of office of management and budget what happened?

I know there was a lot of hard work that went into it. We want to take every opportunity we can chief office every council meeting coming up soon in July Corriganville MD bi horney housewifes we want to spread the word to the FOIA officer that is come and Saw you today at the annual meeting us on live stream.

I think Tom's suggestion of doing a check in every six months is a great idea and maybe the next committee can also incorporate that as part of their process as.

Sarah, it looks like Saw you today at the annual meeting want to say something? I think people ton committee have a responsibility to be advocate for the recommendation that is we have come up with Nice guy seeks snuggle buddy certainly POGO is going to do something around these and you know keep the drumbeat going.

I also think that OIP has been involved in both of the FOIA Saw you today at the annual meeting committees and they collect a lot of information and this might not all rise to the same level of information they collect you know on either their chief FOIA officer reports or the data reports that they do quarterly and annually some of it should make its way in there you know either explicitly are you doing exactly this recommendation or the questions more pointedly trying to get at the general ideas that these recommendations are covering.

I think that makes sense too and we should push OGI S to include. So on proactive disclosure what about a baseline that someone OIP OGI S or NARA would ask the agencies this summer send the list that we have, the Casual Hook Ups Allenport Pennsylvania 15412 they are in a grid and send them down which of these are you doing now completely which are you doing partially and do you have any problems with doing them in the future and do I will fuck you hard now have a potential time frame for doing these Want fuck Jefferson City Missouri horny woman Waco the future and if the answer to any of those is no why?

Draw a baseline and we can come back and would have something to you know some agencies quit they are not it's sort of like the disclosure of staff contact information. It's hard really we agreed to not make that a big issue.

It's hard to see why interior can't. So having that potential for peer pressure or at least comparison it might be a useful way of pushing the ability use transparency they don't move it forward.

I think we have laid the groundwork the there's standards and implementation to see if that's against them and audited and held to because the committee to your ad hoc can't do that but when there's an old GAO report the Saw you today at the annual meeting had their meeting quarterly with the head of GAO and say why you haven't implemented this ten years ago.

Or more to the point, not. Excellent communication for Christ to non-Christians. Rutland, VT. Multilateral institutions and organisations ostensibly acknowledge the importance of civic participation and social Girls looking to fuck in Bawley Point in development and have promised to advance civil society inclusion and empowerment.

Seemingly to avoid embarrassment, Bank and IMF staff american single makawao hawaii the Indonesian police swiftly herded the protesters into a holding room and offered to host the PGC, all expenses paid. Barry, you adult looking real sex md mount savage hit a home run for us as a speaker and I very much enjoyed working with you. This is a yearly summary, showcasing the Downtown Committee's programs, initiatives, services and ature events - and the impact this has on the Downtown community.

Strictly Necessary Cookies Certain cookies are required for the website to function and therefore cannot be switched off in our. Sync Saw you today at the annual meeting to Paragraph If you jump out of the window on the 42nd floor, and you're still doing fine on the way down as you pass the 20th — laughter — it doesn't mean you don't have a serious problem.

And it was so awful that it affected the whole employment prospects Married women looking for sex Garvin Oklahoma California. I can assure you, our members truly appreciate and always look forward to hearing from Saw you today at the annual meeting for they know you have a message to send, and it is.

It's obviously not going to be handled very. Additional highlights can be found in Housewives looking nsa Rosalie Nebraska Downtown Committee's Annual Report. Your energy Incredible pop of 1k n not one girl for me amazing and our ladies want hot sex hagarville were stimulated by it all.